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Combined out of emotions and reason, Aquarius representatives born on 25th of January could have their frustration pile up as they to do the smart thing.

The manner of death can be known from the yoga-formations occurring at the time of birth, e. Natural malefics cause illness or death in their dasha or antradasha; disease is possible in the body that is susceptible to diseases; a strong lagna and the strong lord of the lagna, and the natural benefics in the kendras prevent early or pre-mature death caused by illness or disease.

मारकेश योग -Markesh yog ...श्रीसिद्धी

Following are the marakas in their descending order of strength — a The malefic planet as per Parasari qualification in sambandha association with the lord of a marakasthana, b The malefic planet in sambandha with lord of the 7th situated in the 2nd or the 7th house c Lord of the 2nd house d Lord of the 7th house e Malefic planet in the 2nd house f Malefic planet in the 7th house g Natural benefic planet owning two kendras associated and with a maraka h Rahu or Ketu in the 2nd or the 7th house combining with a maraka or situated in the 7th from a maraka i Lord of the 12th house j Malefic planet in sambandha with the lord of the 12th or situated in the 12th house k Lord of the 3rd or the 8th weak and afflicted l Lord of the 6th or the 11th house m Any malefic planet as per Parasari qualification.

The lord of the 8th house associated with a malefic planet, combining with Saturn or with the lord of the 10th house becomes a maraka if it is not situated in the 8th house; but if it also happens to be the lagna-lord then it will not act as a maraka if it occupies the 8th or the lagna. If Saturn is a functional malefic and also associates with a maraka then it becomes a very strong maraka, it will then supersede all other marakas and cause death during its own period or adverse transit. Planets associated with the lord of a trikabhava and also simultaneously with marakas bereft of influence of the lords of the 5th and 9th bhavas, or the lagna-lord occupying the 12th house and the lord of the 12th situated in the lagna influenced by marakas, or the lord of the lagna in the 6th house and the lord of the 6th in the lagna influenced by marakas, or the lagna or the Moon afflicted by marakas, or the lagna occupied by Ketu and the lord of the lagna situated in the 8th, or the lord of the 5th is in the 6th and the lord of the 9th is situated in the 12th house influenced by marakas, or malefic planets, other than the lords of the 9th and the 10th house, are in the lagna influenced by marakas, or the lord of the navamsa occupied by Moon or the lagna-lord is located in a trikabhava associated with a maraka, they produce poverty and intense misery, and indicate loss or destruction of wealth, and troublesome period during the course of their antra-dasha or dasha.

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The dashas of marakas are important in determining the time of death but they should not always be taken to mean actual death. The dasha of a maraka not meant to cause death or the dasha of a malefic for a particular lagna not death-inflicting affects the health of a person.

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The 7th house also indicates residence and long travels. The 22nd Drekkena is generally examined to ascertain the nature of death even though Varahamihira relates this drekkena with the disposal of the dead which falls on the 8th house, and is treated as an evil one. Any planet can acquire death-inflicting powers but the aspect of a strong Jupiter on the Moon, the Sun, Mars or Saturn neutralises their power to cause an early death.

Jatakalankara states that if at birth the lagna-lord associated with a malefic is in a trikabhava or if the trika-lords occupy their own respective bhavas or if a malefic planet is in the lagna and the lagna-lord is weak, one suffers from acute mental and physical pressures and ailments. Sarvartha Chintamani states that the Moon in Cancer lagna aspected by Mars from the 10th and by Jupiter from the 7th while giving yoga gives a life span of sixty years only, whereas Jupiter exalted in the lagna and aspecting the two trikonas occupied by benefics makes one live for eighty years.

Three or more planets situated in the 8th house not in their own or friendly or exaltation sign curtail term of life. The present day Hindu astrology favours the use of the Vimshottari dasha system along with the Gochara system for the purpose of prognostication and for the timing of events. The correct determination of longevity, and the timing of death is a difficult.


Parasara states that the 8th house counted from the house occupied by Saturn at the time of birth is the Mrityu-bhava or the House of Death. Add up the number of Rekhas contributed by Saturn in the houses from the lagna to that occupied by Saturn, this figure will indicate the age at which adversity will strike the native; add up the rekhas contributed by Saturn from the house occupied by Saturn to lagna, this figure will indicate the age at which the native will suffer most severe physical adversity, and even death if so indicated by the maraka-dasha operating.

Alternatively, add the number of rekhas contributed by Saturn in the houses from the house occupied by it to the Mrityu-bhava, multiply this figure by the Yoga-pinda and divide by 27 the remainder will indicate the nakshatra transiting which or the trine nakshatra therefrom Saturn will cause death, or add the number of rekhas contributed by Saturn in the houses from the house occupied by it to the Mrityu-bhava, multiply this figure by the Yoga-pinda and divide by 12 the remainder will indicate the sign or its trine that will be transited by Saturn at the time of death.

Further details or specialities must be described by conjunctions and planetary aspects. The time of death has to be identified by the unrisen number of navamsas in the birth. If the birth lord aspects it, the time must be doubled; aspected by benefics the time will be trebled. If the end or a beginning of a malefic dasha coincides with the age represented by these three figures, then death may take place.

Multiply the Sodya Pinda of Saturn by the bindus in the 8th house from Saturn in his own Ashtakavarga, divide the product by 27; when Saturn transits the nakshatra represented by the remainder or trinal nakshatra, then death may take place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: many undefined words, maybe from Hindi, but not in Wiktionary; neutrality. Please help improve this article if you can. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Varanasi: Jaikrishan Haridass Gupta.

Janampatra Prabodhsamhita Manasagari Edition. Savitri Thakur Prakashan.

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Ayurdaayasadhan St. Manoj Pocket Books. Planets And Their Yoga Formations. Pigeon Books India.

Time of death Vedic astrology | Markesh Dasha in Kundli

Yogas in Astrology. Institute of Vedic Astrology.

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Jatakaparijata With translation and commentary by Gopesh Kumar Ojha. Motilal Banarsidass.

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  5. Jataka Chandrika. Suryanarain Rao. Learn yourself Vedic Astrology. Third 3rd is the secondary house of longevity. That means if we count 3rd house from 8th house, the count will be 8th in number. For eg. Death takes place when longevity comes to an end, But if longevity is still left and Markesh dasha or its antardasha starts, there can be serious troubles related to health.

    Also one needs to be careful with accidents or any untoward incidents in its periods. Dasha and antardasha periods create events in life and transits deliver those events.

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    So also we need to examine transits whenever there are a bad dasha and antardasha is in place. Transit of natural malefics on 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana brings sudden and serious health issues and if longevity touches its limit then even death may also come to the person. We will discuss the concept of 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana in detail in further articles. This child took his last breath on and the day was the birthday of his elder brother.

    isuldierep.tk Losing the younger child on the birthday of the elder child was a big shock for the parents. This child died due to accidental fall from a height near to his house and the death was immediate. Placement of Rahu and Saturn is in 6th and 8th house respectively. Mercury is the 8th and 11th house lord and a strong functional malefic planet for Scorpio ascendant.